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Think Beginning Not End | Episode Five with Samantha Cross

Episode number five is here! We are pleased to introduce the next podcast in our ‘Think Beginning Not End’ series. For this podcast, it was great to be joined by Samantha Cross, director at Cross Connections Consulting, and Lexi Crouch, the company’s sustainability project coordinator.

Cross Connections Consulting assists businesses in achieving improved bottom lines and increased competitiveness through better environmental awareness and practices, predominantly by helping them manage their waste better.

Samantha is also the founder of the Plastic Police®, a social enterprise program that educates people on recycling to develop more sustainable communities.

In this episode, they join Simon to talk about the steps and initiatives they are taking in their organisations to help the public and businesses understand their options when it comes to recycling, as well as how to reduce single-use plastic consumption.

In case you missed episode four, you can watch it on Simons Youtube here.


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Simon van Leuven

Written by Simon van Leuven

Australian Director

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