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Think Beginning Not End | Episode Three with Viv Lister


We are pleased to introduce the third instalment in the Think Beginning Not End podcast series, and we’re thrilled to be joined by Viv Lister, from Bespoke Law.

Viv is an Associate Principal Lawyer, who works with Australian household brands producing consumer goods. Viv is extremely involved in the decision processes within these companies when it comes to their environmental and social strategies. She has experience across Australia, Vietnam, China and Myanmar, and helps clients stay compliant when importing and exporting highly-regulated goods and products; waste being one of them. 

Viv and Simon discuss how they can help organisations meet new regulations and requirements coming into Victoria – and broader Australian – law, and how they can make the recyclability of their plastic products – including carrier bags – more accessible to consumers.

Part one: The impact of the plastic bag ban and how companies should be striving to take this even further.


Part two: How can we be sure that a company’s claims on its recycling process are genuine and transparent?



You can find the audio versions of these podcasts on Apple Music and Spotify by searching ‘Think Beginning Not End’.

Simon van Leuven

Written by Simon van Leuven

Australian Director

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